Jodhpuri Fundraiser Guidelines

Jodhpuri wishes to provide the best fundraising experience to all who participate. Additionally, Jodhpuri wishes to make the paying customer comfortable in his or her buying decision, while also maintaining our company’s favorable reputation. For this reason, the following fundraiser reasons are not considered acceptable.

Fundraising to cover the costs of:

Medical bills

Funeral/Burial expenses


Child or pet adoptions

Business startups

Political groups or campaigns

Personal expenses or vacations

School tuition


However, Jodhpuri would like to recognize those fundraisers which are conducted for noble purposes such as:

                Humanitarian relief

                Educational clubs, organizations, and trips

                Religious organizations

                Drug and violence awareness programs

                                And many more

If you are unsure whether or not your fundraiser is acceptable, please email for more detailed information. Jodhpuri Inc. reserves the right to refuse a fundraiser for any reason. Jodhpuri reserves the right to change its policies and procedures at any time.